7 Persuasion Tactics Used in Digital Marketing

7 Persuasion Tactics Used in Digital Marketing

Persuasion tactics are all used in marketing and now more than ever digital marketing. Maybe you are trying to convince your audience to buy a product or service you sell. Well, here are 7 persuasion tactics in digital marketing that should help:

1. Foot in the door
With this tactic, you ask for a small favor first and follow it up with a bigger one. Your audience or customer will get into the flow of feeling committed to helping you. So, granting your second favor feels like a continuation of something they’ve already agreed to.

2. Door in the face
And yes, you can do it the other way around too. First ask for the big favor and then the smaller one. They feel a little guilty when you ask for something that they are more likely to reject, so they lean towards the easier request. You may even get both.

3. Reciprocity
If you have done a favor for someone, they feel obliged to return the favor by maybe buying your product. Even if it’s something you may have done in the past, just bring that up. Like the time you gave them a great discount on the other two previous items.

4. Social proof
This is where you show the other person you are trying to persuade that others are doing it, so they should too. This term means that people reflect on other’s behavior and are likely to act equally, to make certain they show suitable behavior. It is very common and one of the most persuasive ideas in the marketing industry. It’s a tactic commonly used to increase user engagement and sales at times. Read about social proof statistics in 2023 you should know: popupsmart.com/blog/social-proof-statistics

5. Scarcity
Tell your audience your product only has limited sales, or your service is only going to be discounted for a limited time. If you say that something is scarce, your audience will most likely value it more. If something is limited, they are going to want it more and want to buy it before it’s gone.

6. Commitment and consistency
People have certain beliefs, values and goals and like to adhere to them. If you know what they are and you propose something that is consistent and ties in with them, it will be difficult for them not to agree.

7. Emotions
This is a very powerful marketing strategy where you see brands using individual’s emotions as a way to persuade their audience into preferring their brand. These are usually in reference to sadness, anger or happiness, as many people can share these emotions on a related subject.

To Summarize
There are a lot of persuasion tactics and you have to figure out which one is right for your target audience. It is really about improving your customer’s journey and don’t be afraid to test all of these tactics. You can A/B testing, so that your decisions can be data centered. If you need help with that or conveying the right message to your audience, reach out to FocusCreative