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Website Design

Sotelo's Concrete and Masonry

The client needed a responsive website created with content, photos and other design elements through out site. Fully optimized with SEO.

Madsen Homes

Madsen Home’s website design and partial content creation including photos and copy. The goal was to launch website before the Parade of Homes 2021.


Sheepadoodle Heaven

Helped business owner with her blog Sheepadoodle Heaven with Website creation for content and design, including photos and copy along with brand identity with name and logo.

Post card for a client, PacificOtion

Appreciation Postcard

Concept, design, content to print. Created a strategy for client, PacificOtion to help customer retention with a thank you post card. It included an offer for a free product.

Business Card sample


Created for Haven Grace Foundations to help their SEO.

Brand Identity

Healing Connections –  letter head etc. to further their brand identity.

Business Card sample

Business Cards

Designed and printed business cards for Sotelo’s Concrete and Masonry owner and the team. To keep the same branding we used the same colors from the website

5K Run Banner

Created and designed a banner for Intermountain Donor Services – 5K in the Southwest area to print on outdoor vinyl and install in a high traffic area

Brand Awareness

Haven Grace Foundation – Created an infographic to help their SEO and Social Media. 

Brand Identity

Sheepadoodle Heaven – Created a name and designed a logo for them. Printed 100 bags for their opening event. 

Brand Identity

Healing Connections –  created some branding for their company with a logo and printing. The leaf could be used by itself on many different items like letter head etc. to further their brand identity.

Brand Identity

Healing Connections –  letter head etc. to further their brand identity.

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