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What we do

✅ Specialize in small business growth: We focus on assisting the growth of small businesses through affordable marketing and advertising solutions.

✅ Serve clients from all industries: Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a CEO, we cater to clients from diverse industries.

✅ Offer a wide range of services: Our expertise spans various services, including web design, digital marketing, SEO, social media, print, and more.

✅ One-stop hub for marketing needs: Partnering with us grants you access to a single, comprehensive resource for all your marketing needs, aimed at enhancing your business’s growth.

✅ My team and I collaborate remotely online to provide our clients with the most competitive pricing.

✅ We offer online services to clients in the U.S. while providing in-person support locally.

Concept Development:

In the realm of marketing and advertising, your ideas serve as the seeds of your success story. We specialize in not only nurturing these creative concepts but also skillfully bringing them to life. If you're beginning with a blank canvas, our team is here to help you cultivate a strategy that perfectly aligns with your vision and goals.

Strategic Brilliance:

Effective marketing is all about strategy. Whether you have a well-defined plan or require expert assistance in shaping one, we've got you covered. Our team excels in meticulously crafting and skillfully executing strategies that consistently deliver outstanding results, ultimately fostering the growth of your business

Your Growth Matters:

At our core, we're committed to your business's growth. By avoiding fruitless endeavors, we ensure that every effort we put in is a step towards enhancing your bottom line. Our laser-focused approach maximizes your return on investment, making every partnership with us a valuable one.


What we don’t do

✅ One-Size-Fits-All Strategies: We don’t rely on generic, one-size-fits-all marketing strategies that can’t adapt to your unique business needs.

✅ Neglect Data Analysis: We don’t skip the crucial step of analyzing your data at every phase, ensuring that we don’t ignore the valuable insights needed for successful marketing.

✅ Delay Necessary Pivots: We don’t wait to make changes. We don’t let strategies that aren’t working linger. We pivot swiftly to avoid wasting your time and resources.

✅ Maximize Value for Only One Party: We don’t prioritize one-sided value. Our mission is to maximize value for both you and us, ensuring mutual success.

My story

As the Founder, Owner and Managing Director of FocusCreative Solutions, my unwavering passion and mission revolve around fostering the growth of small businesses through affordable digital marketing, web design, SEO, and more. Over six years ago, my family and I relocated from Portland, Oregon to the captivating landscapes of Southern Utah. Our decision was inspired by a desire to be closer to family and embrace the region’s natural beauty, creating an ideal environment for our three children.

With over two decades of experience working for Fortune 500 companies in the dynamic advertising and marketing industry, I’ve donned various creative and management hats. During this time, I also wore the hat of an advertising consultant. In both capacities, I found immense satisfaction in guiding clients towards business success. It was during these experiences that the seed of my entrepreneurial dream was firmly planted, and I’ve been nurturing it ever since.

My vision became clear – assisting business owners in their growth through affordable marketing. St. George proved to be the ideal backdrop for launching my agency, which came to fruition in 2019. Concurrently, I pursued a second degree in Business Strategic Communications and Marketing, equipping myself with additional digital marketing and design skills. I hold a steadfast belief in the importance of continual self-education, recognizing that the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing in this fast-paced technological world.

We are not among those transient marketing firms that merely seek to sign companies up for lengthy, costly services that yield no tangible results. My dedicated team and I are staunch advocates of fostering long term relationships with our clients. Through the passion and dedication of my highly skilled team, we are committed to helping businesses like yours realize your goals through our comprehensive marketing and advertising strategies.

You get to focus on what you do best, while we handle your marketing, so you don’t have to…

Michelle Russell

Michelle Russell

Managing Director / Owner / Founder

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